Troubleshooting & Support

Oort Customer Support Process

Opening a Customer Support Issue with Oort

There are several ways to raise a support-related issue with the Oort Success and Support team.

1. Send an email to

Please describe the nature of the issue, including screenshots or links to specific pages within the Oort platform where possible.

A member of the Oort Success and Support team will reach out within the target response time, depending on the severity of the issue outlined in the email.

2. Post to shared communications channel

Oort strongly recommends the use of a shared collaboration channel hosted on platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Slack with the Oort end users in your organization and the Oort team. This channel can and should be used to raise support-related issues or questions.

In addition to posting your question or issue, feel free to tag or @ specific members of the Oort Success team responsible for your account, in order to ensure visibility of the issue.

Depending on the severity of the issue, updates will be provided daily, weekly, or via the regular communication cadence by Oort Customer Success team.

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