Week 20, 2024

We are excited to announce several enhancements to the Advanced Query Input feature. These improvements aim to make it easier for users to construct and execute queries efficiently so that they can find the specific data needed to answer their questions.

Now, when enabling the advanced query UI, users will find added documentation links for easy reference. As users focus on the search input, query suggestions appear automatically, and real-time suggestions continue to populate as they type, expediting the query construction process. Below the suggestions, query examples are displayed to help users understand the query syntax, with an additional link to the documentation provided for further guidance.

These improvements are designed to make advanced query input more intuitive and user-friendly. For more detailed information on using these new features, please review our documentation.

This feature, already available in the failing checks table, now provides a consistent experience across both tables. The side drawers contain detailed information about each check. Previously, when a check was marked as resolved or expired, this information was not accessible. Now, users can still view the relevant details that triggered the check, even after it has been resolved.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • High Threat Discovery Banner in Checks Timing Settings. We’ve added a High Threat Discovery Banner for customers with threatsDetectionMode set to HIGH. This banner informs users that check analysis will be performed hourly and can no longer be manually configured unless they contact Identity Intelligence Support to revert the change. This update removes confusion for customers in High Detection Mode who wanted to change the check timing settings and could not see the impact.

  • User details checks tables improvements. Check names are now fully displayed without truncation, providing complete visibility of check details. Severity badges are now shown next to check names, making it easier to identify the importance of each check at a glance.

  • Failing checks in the email digest are now sorted by severity. This change ensures that the most severe check failures are displayed first, allowing administrators to prioritize and address the most critical issues promptly, rather than dealing with them in an arbitrary order.

  • User Failing Checks Table Bug Fix. We have fixed a bug in the user failing checks table where the counts in the "User Notified" and "Admin Notified" columns were displayed incorrectly. Notifications sent to admins were previously shown as sent to users and vice versa. The column order has now been corrected to accurately reflect the notification recipients.

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