SSO Setup, Identity Providers, Communications, and Ticketing Systems

Oort integrates with a number of identity providers, HRIS platforms, and applications.

Oort insights can also be consumed in other SIEM, ticketing, and messaging platforms.

View the individual integration pages to learn more.

Accessing your Oort tenant with Single Sign-On

Access to your Oort tenant is best managed using your existing Identity Provider, such as Okta or Azure AD. Please review the following documentation for your Identity Provider for steps on how to integrate with Oort. Please reach out to your Oort Customer Success representative to help configure and validate access.


Providers are integrations that provide information about Identities and Access Events. These will be the primary data sources that Oort uses to run Security Checks on. Multiple Providers can be configured per tenant, and multiple instances of a Provider can configured as well.

For details on specific Providers, how to configure them, and the types of data and checks that are processed please review the individual pages.

Notification Targets

Notification Targets are configured to allow Oort Checks and other alerts to be communicated to an external system. Email is supported as are Microsoft Teams and Slack. Click on an individual page below for setup and configuration instructions.

Ticketing Systems

In addition to sending messaging alerts, Oort can create a Ticket to help automate security workflows.


Oort integrates with existing SIEM/SOAR platforms to provide information for security monitoring workflows.

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