Week 19, 2024

In this week’s release, we are introducing several updates and fixes to improve user experience and system functionality.

🗑️ Delete Any EntraID Guest User

Previously, EntraID guest users could only be removed from Entra via the Identity Intelligence platform if they were failing specific checks. In this release, we updated our logic so that the ‘Delete User’ action is now available for any EntraID guest users, regardless of their check failures.

Cleaning up inactive or unused guest accounts is a critical, but low risk, remediation you can take to improve your organization’s identity hygiene. With this change it is now even easier to Entra platform to find a specific guest user and delete them there.

To learn more about the EntraID permissions needed to delete guest users via Identity Intelligence, please review our documentation.

🪝 Improvements to Webhook Notification Explainability

We enhanced the explainability included in the webhook notifications sent for check failures to include additional information, such as IP information, provider failing the check, etc., making it easier to understand the context of the check failures. This information can also be leveraged to build custom automations in the tools that are receiving the webhook alerts.

While the explainability data will vary check to check, the available explainability for every check can be found under ‘Login Details’ in the webhook payload.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • Multiple Sensitive Apps Selection. You can now choose multiple sensitive apps in settings at once, which saves you time configuring your sensitive apps list, giving you greater visibility into the applications you care about most.

  • Testing Direct Messages Bug Fix. Fixed a bug that caused the "Send test direct messages” form to close when trying to select a different recipient.

  • Fields Without Data in Devices Sidedrawer. In the Devices tab of the User360, we now show fields that do not have information available from the provider as “N/A” in the side drawer. Previously, these fields were hidden if data was not available.

  • Screenshot Activity Flow Activity. The camera icon in the bottom left corner of the widget has been added, allowing you to download screenshots of activity flow as a png.

  • Failing Users by Integrations Filter Bug Fix. Fixes a bug that was including excluded and unprotected users in the count of Failing Users Per Integration, as well as in the filtered results on the Users Page.

  • Deletion of Protected Groups. You can now mark protected group chips as "to-delete" until the changes are saved, making it easier to visualize this task. The search functionality for groups is also now case insensitive.

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