Week 37, 2023

If you read “Week 37” and panicked that you missed Week 36, fear not! The team was busy onboarding with Cisco, following the official announcement of Cisco’s acquisition of Oort two weeks ago.

But now the team is back up and running, so let’s crack on!

💡 Quickly Access the Latest User Profile Data from All Your Identity Providers

When you make changes in one identity provider (IdP), it’s sometimes difficult to know if that change has been successfully reflected in your other IdPs. This often leaves you scrambling around in different platforms debugging issues.

In this release, we’ve introduced an event type called “End User Raw Data”. This event type will bring back the latest user profile data for every associated IdP. All you need to do is select “Refresh User Data” from the Actions on the User 360 Profile. Once this action has completed, you will see the END_USER_RAW_DATA event type in the Activities tab of the profile. Clicking into the row will provide the raw data from the associated integrations’ respective REST APIs

🧪 Enhanced Test Connectivity for Integrations

Generally speaking, more integrations mean improved insights and better operationalization. However, given different issues can arise with each of these integrations, it’s incredibly important to have effective ways to understand what’s gone wrong.

First, we have made some changes to the way System Logs treats responses from Ticketing Services (Jira and ServiceNow). System Logs no longer only shoes the status of the response, but details around the response itself. By providing meaningful error data, you can identify issues quicker. For example, in the first row of the screenshot below, you can see the event failed because the user was not authenticated.

Additionally, we’ve enhanced our connectivity tests for Cisco Duo to include support for the Auth API. The newly released “Send Push Notification” action requires the Auth API to be effective and so, when you test the connectivity, we will also now test this.

To do this, simply hit the “Test Connectivity” button on the Integrations page.

💨 Quicker Access to Context

We’re constantly looking for new ways to save you time. In this release, we’ve made a pretty simple change that will make it a little bit easier to access context on a failing user.

Previously, the check overview page would provide links to the failing users, which you could click on to take you to their profile. The user profile then includes all the information on failing checks you might need.

Now, you can skip a step, and immediately bring up the context for each user without having to click into their profile. Simple, but hopefully effective.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • Activities Tab. A “Device Type” column has been added to the activities tab within the User360 profiles.

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