Week 13, 2024

Cisco Identity Intelligence User Interface Updates

If you’ve recently logged into the Cisco Identity Intelligence platform, you may have noticed some exciting changes. In this release, we’re introducing a new fresh look and feel to the Cisco Identity Intelligence platform. This update allows us to adopt the same design language as other Cisco Products, providing a more consistent experience.

Upon logging in, the most notable change you’ll see is the repositioning of our navigation. Previously at the top of the page, it is now to the left. Additionally, you can now access the System Logs, Tenant Access, and Tenant Settings directly from the left menu. The profile dropdown has also been updated to display information like Login details, organization along with your platform permissions, and the ability to toggle between Light and Dark modes. Note that these updates do not impact functionality.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • Azure registered devices. We now collect Azure registered device information for the Azure AD integration. This helps our continuing efforts around making device information meaningful within the platform.

  • Sort check failing entities. You can now sort check failing entities by first/last reported date.

  • Users in the checks failing users tables. We now no longer include unprotected users in the checks failing user tables.

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