Week 5, 2023

🪵 New System Logs Screen

Over the past year, Oort has dramatically increased the number of customers. A good number of individuals in these organizations are fast becoming Oort power users, and they need additional tooling to investigate information on integrations, insights, and administrator events.

The solution to this is a brand new screen called System Logs, a single place to access all the data underpinning their Oort instance.

From here, admins have full access to all events, including:

  1. All communications sent and received

  2. Any integration changes or issues

  3. Full history of Oort insights and underlying observations

  4. Subsequent changes to failed checks

  5. Any activities from Oort admins

Admins can click into each event in the table to expand the view and drill down into even further context. Using the chips, you can pivot into specific events, such as all events responding to a specific integration like Okta.

This screen can be accessed by navigating to the top right corner of the portal and selected “System Logs” under the dropdown menu.

💰 Salesforce integration detects login events

Two weeks ago, when we first announced our integration with Salesforce, I promised there would be more to come. And there is! Oort now ingests login events as well as user information. This means that you can detect successful login events. Information about the user's latest activity will be displayed in the User 360 profile.

To set this up, simply navigate to “Advanced Settings” within your Salesforce integration page and ensure “Login History” is selected.

🎟️ Open custom tickets

When users fail checks, one of the most popular next steps is to open a ticket in Jira or ServiceNow. We’ve now extended this to be able to open a custom ticket for a user at any point.

If you have Jira or ServiceNow enabled in your Oort instance, you will see an Actions tab on the user profile. This button will allow you to raise a ticket related to this user on any topic you would like. You can see all tickets pertaining to this user at the bottom of the Overview screen on the User 360 profile page.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • User table UI improvements. We’ve made changes to the user table so you can open the user in a new tab regardless of the browser size.

  • Group filters. It’s now possible to search by source and type within the Groups table in the User 360 profiles.

  • New observations for checks. Unmanaged Devices Accessand New Country for Tenants checks have new observations included on the detail screen.

  • Frequency of checks. Event-based checks will now be sent out on an hourly schedule.

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