Week 31, 2022


πŸ†™ We made some updates to our status page to better communicate to our customers when our partners or service providers are down and causing downstream disruptions to the Oort identity security platform. Check out the updates on our status page here.

New Features

πŸ‘₯ New Information in User Detail > Groups + Changelog

In the user details page of any identity, you can now see enriched information about their group memberships including who added that user to the group, the number of applications that group can access, and the number of users in that group. Additionally, there’s now a changelog of all changes to group memberships which is useful in understanding whether there were recent changes that might be related to any identity threat investigation.

❌ Inverse Filters Active

You can now see in the sidebar which filters you have inverted from include to exclude. This helps identity threat hunters to easily visualize which criteria they have applied to their user base so they can detect threats faster.

**NEW** Identity Security Checks:

βœ… Risky Parallel Sessions

This behavioral check alerts when the same identity is logged into more than one session within a set period of time (configurable by days). This behavioral anomaly can potentially indicate active credential sharing either within the workforce or to external users. Naturally, this behavior increases the risk of data leakage, loss, or mishandling and should be investigated.


βœ… Service Account Successful Sign In

This check will alert on successful logins to service accounts through the IdP. Service accounts are normally backend-to-backend communications, so logging in to one through an identity provider such as Okta or Azure AD could be an indicator of compromise.


βœ… Login to Admin Console in Okta

This check collects the identities that have logged into the Okta admin console within the past seven days. There are usually very few people who are authorized to do this, so this check flags and alerts on this activity so that the accounts and the associated activity are brought to the attention of the Oort admin.


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