Week 47, 2023

MFA Assurance Levels

Oort analyzes data about factors from a range of integrations; Okta, Cisco Duo, and Microsoft. With this information, we can see which users have enabled MFA, and which have not.

In this release, we have gone one step further. We have taken all of these factors from these identity providers and mapped the factors to one of three assurance levels: high, medium, and low. In this release, we have added a helpful filter in the Users tab to analyze factor assurance across your entire identity population.

Assurance levels for factors are also displayed within the Overview of the User360 profiles. You can now sort the full list of a user’s factors by the assurance level strength, making it easier to identify the posture of any given user.

Registered Location Tag

Last week, we released the registered location tag, which provides the context of where a user’s registered location is. Having this context displayed makes it easier to assess the severity of location-based checks.

In this release, we’ve added that tag to the Networks tab of the User360 profile. This enables you to easily see IP addresses tied to your registered location (and, equally, those outside of your registered location). The registered location refers to the city and the state the user is associated with.

If you click on the tag, this will bring back all IP addresses associated with the registered location. From this point, you can easily change the logic to display β€œNOT” and therefore show all IP addresses from outside a user’s registered location.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • System Logs. Added a dedicated filter to view when actions on checks have been taken.\

  • HRIS Status. Understand if active and inactive status in Workday. You can use this filter to check for users that have been deprovisioned in the HRIS but have active accounts elsewhere.

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