Week 44, 2023

This week, we’re very excited to release the new Devices tab, which has been hotly anticipated and will be a welcome addition for many of you–especially those focused on building their zero trust program. Read on to learn more!

📱Dedicated Device Tab Available for Every User

Within the User 360 profiles, you will see a new tab for “Devices”. The provides a unified view of all the devices that the user has used for access and authentication. This includes information from Microsoft, Okta, and Cisco Duo.

The Devices tab covers three types of devices based on how they are used

  1. Access

  2. Authentication

  3. Access and Authentication

Within the table, you can immediately see which devices are managed; when they were enrolled; when they were last seen, usage count and more. For further context, you can click into any device to access a wealth of context about the devices, the related activity, and associated IP addresses.

Finally, you can pivot off each device to the Activity and Networks tabs to explore associated events and IP addresses respectively. This means that you can drill down into every device to see what that user did and from where.

To make full use of this capability, please ensure that you have the correct data types enabled.

  • Okta. Please enable Devices and Authenticators (for those on OIE)

  • Microsoft. Please enable Devices (Intune Required).

  • Cisco Duo. Please enable the endpoints data type.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • Check renaming. The “Weak MFA” check has been renamed to “No strong MFA configured” to better reflect the aim of the check.

  • Advanced Mode. The Advanced Mode button on the Users tab has been fix to display on smaller screens.

  • Never Logged In. For users to fail this check, they must have never logged in to any of the compatible identity providers.

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