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Saved Filters

The Oort Users page includes a wide variety of filters, whether in Basic mode using the UI or Advanced Mode using the KQL query language (release notes, Advanced Query Modedocumentation).
These filters can now be saved, modified or updated, and deleted.
NOTE: In the current implementation -
  • All Oort users in the console can see and apply ALL existing saved filters. There are no private or per-user filters.
  • Help Desk admin role and full admins can create, update, and delete ALL filters. There are no user permissions associated with individual filters.

Create Saved Filter

To create a saved filter, first craft the query in Basic or Advanced mode that provides the data set you want. Then click the Save icon next to the search bar.
Give the filter a name and click Save.
The filter will then be available in the dropdown list in the top left section of the Users page.

Modifying a Saved Filter

To modify an existing Saved filter, simply pull that filter up, modify the search parameters in the search bar, and click the Save icon again to re-save it.

Deleting a Saved Filter

To delete an existing Saved filter, pull it up and then click the Trash icon next to it's name.

Sharing a Saved Filter

As noted above, Saved filters are available to all users of the Oort dashboard and console. To share a link outside of the console, for instance in an email, Teams, or Slack channel -
  1. 1.
    Pull up the filter
  2. 2.
    Click the Share icon to copy a direct link to the clipboard
  3. 3.
    Share the link where desired