Duo Security Integration

8/2022 - rev 1


Oort’s platform can analyze authentication events in Duo Security to give insights into how users are accessing your applications and using MFA. In order to provide Insights, you have to set up an integration between Duo Security and Oort for analysis. This document will walk you through the process of setting up API access to Duo and will also walk you through the complementary setup inside of the Oort console.

Duo Security Integration

Duo Admin API Configuration

To add the necessary configuration, you need to have admin access in Duo Security.

From the Duo admin console, select Applications

Select Admin API.

Note the integration key and API hostname.  

API Permissions required are: 

Click Save Changes.  

Oort Configuration

Enter the API hostname, Integration key, and secret key into the Oort console under

Integrations -> New Integration -> Duo

Click Save.

On the Integrations page, click the bar for the new Duo integration and select Test Connectivity from the menu.

After testing successfully, click the Collect Now button to begin initial data collection immediately.