How to Import Workday HRIS Data

5/2022 - rev 1


Oort’s platform can ingest and analyze HRIS data from a number of platforms, including Workday. One way to integrate with Workday HRIS is to periodically upload exported reports from Workday into the Oort console.

Once HRIS data is integrated, Oort users can compare user HR records with accounts in their IDPs and IAM systems. Oort provides a number of built-in checks for discrepancies and missing data, which can be clear indicators of identity vulnerabilities.


The goal of this document is to provide instructions on importing Workday HRIS data into the Oort console via a Workday report CSV file.   


Mismatches between identity sources such as an HRIS system and a primary identity platform (IDP) or IAM system are a common and significant source of security vulnerabilities.

screenshot 2022 04 11 144543

In many cases, discrepancies may arise, e.g. a user moves departments or managers in HR and the IDP system is not updated (or vice versa).

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Importing this data provides the Oort platform with the ability to analysis and provide insights into these types of identity issues.

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Workday HRIS File Format

There are two options for generating HRIS data from Workday for upload into Oort.

  1. Export in SCIM format. For more on this topic, please see the HRIS Data and SCIM Overview article.
  2. Oort has defined a Workday report format which can be configured in Workday and then exported as a CSV, for upload into the Oort console.

This article primarily deals with the 2nd option above.

The template CSV file below can be viewed in Excel or other spreadsheet applications. The intent of the file is to show the structure of the Workday report to be exported.

screenshot 2022 05 10 113857

The file structure is as follows -

21f91774-0000-41d3-bfd1-70f6d378ce23,John,,Smith,,USA,YES,7/25/19,7/25/19,7/25/19,NO,,2e6ba42e-0000-46ca-a093-8f644084ec74,enterprise platform,1005d28c-0000-4c03-a84a-0e6aac9722c5,3/25/22,sw engineering,senior project software engineer,Contractor,,,

The template file can be downloaded from this location.

Importing the File

To import the file, navigate to the Integrations tab and select Add Integration.

Select the Manual Uploads tile.

screenshot 2022 05 10 114559

Within the File Upload screen, complete the following -

  1. Provide a Name and Description for the file
  2. Select the date that the HRIS data was exported from Workday. This is important because certain Checks will key off this date for calculating discrepancies (e.g. if a user was hired after the export date, then they will not be expected to be present in the file)
  3. Select Users as the type of data in the file
  4. For the source type, select Legacy (deprecated)
  5. Drag and drop or select the file to be uploaded
  6. Click Save

screenshot 2022 05 10 114814

After the file is uploaded, the Oort team will verify the structure of the data within the file and complete the import into the tenant, typically in less than one business day.

Once the data is accepted and processed, the Manual integration will show success.

screenshot 2022 05 10 115322

Uploading a New File Version

To upload a new file of the updated data from the Workday system, simply click the 3 dots menu at the right side of the integration and select Upload new file version.

This will replace the existing Workday HRIS data with the newer export of data.

If data is obtained from a different HR system, then create an entirely new HRIS integration object in the console.